The direction of their tilt, the light and shade reveal what these plants are reaching for in this second floor window facing east. Wait, I’m thinking Step 11. We rise to ask/pray/meditate, perhaps in the morning. We’ve learned that leaning into the Energy that brings life at the start of our day, spiritually reinforces surrendered Growth for the next- “day at a time”. Faithful Connection! Heres to the “Higher Power of our own understanding”.


More thanks and gratitude! You who have gracious comments, friends who speak respectfully for Humanity and the Great Earth Mother. Listen, new infant blackberries in my front yard foodscape have come within two months of planting! Wow. Two vines were set by my fence in cherished memory of my Sister who passed away from alcoholism two summers ago. As kids, we were always thankful to find them in the wild. Today, THAT’S how I CHOOSE to remember Her. Thank You Earth Mother! Thank You Father Sky!

A List…

Line after line. Anyone who’s spent any quality time in Recovery, knows a Gratitude List. It’s been about a year for this site, 25 for “one day at a time”, so in celebration of an anniversary here it goes…

Glenn Thomas Irwin, Thank you for guiding me on this project for a worthwhile college  undertaking. The 2016 year of your valuable feedback was crutial to its writing direction and production!

Fred R., Thank you my dear friend for the great tips, your website experience, creation, and I.T. guidance. I am grateful for you being available when I felt technically stuck.

Phil Leftwich, Thank you my freind for all your incredible work on the book, as well as ongoing encouragement for me to keep putting my writing out into the world, for other survivors.

Paul H., Thank you good pal for encouraging me to press on and be real. Reminding me that its ok to not be more or less than human.

Max H., Thank you for the words you wrote in the book; recovery tools and a way to journey from the real hell out to a world of serenity.

To Boh, Nolan, Kenya, David, Edward, and Jenne;  Thank you too for verbal support when I needed it big time!

And, Thanks to anyone who has taken the time to hear what my voice needed to say.

Gratefully Onward.




Walking lately has filled my senses with gratitude. When running years ago, I lived where these tree blossoms gave their aroma long before I saw them. They’re not plentiful here, though they still grant pleasure; like pausing to place my nose into this plate-sized beauty. Apologies to my neighbors yard I stepped across to be, nosy.


P is for Pose. She does this often capturing Papa’s attention at her favorite Place behind me as I prepare daily meals. Purr-talks with me in the morning. Nestles up to my side every night. Sometimes under my arm or under my chin. For 14 years constant and peaceful; yet gratefully, comforting. Perfect proof that my Higher Power is kind, real, and Present without my old religious addictions.

Thick of it…

After finishing an information systems course this semester, I am faced with choices. Mathematics, computer science, certifications for the resume, paying for graduate prices, the list goes on… I met with a friend for lunch this weekend who said something I have heard in the recovery world for 24 years. In the thick of it, there are never any wrong decisions, just avoiding forward motion. Into the green, the new; onward.