“If they just made them like they used to, right?”  Hey, I grew up with a birth father who expertly remodeled historic homes and structures. This is what he would say before cursing  about the inconsistent or faulty craftsmanship of these dwellings. Fast-forward my search for a NEW car with minimal features after driving motorcycles for over a decade; do I NEED all those features? Which feature IS useful if the “latest technology” won’t start the new vehicle? When is less…more? OR, when is more…less? Life is still amusing.


2 thoughts on “If…

  1. Yes life is still very amusing….I try to laugh at almost everything…cause I sure as hell can’t figure it out…Jimmy


    1. Dear Jimmy my Pal,

      I smile when I think we’ve belonged to the same “club” since we were little grasshoppers, and wonderfully, we’re still here… be well good man,

      Vii >


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