The direction of their tilt, the light and shade reveal what these plants are reaching for in this second floor window facing east. Wait, I’m thinking Step 11. We rise to ask/pray/meditate, perhaps in the morning. We’ve learned that leaning into the Energy that brings life at the start of our day, spiritually reinforces surrendered Growth for the next- “day at a time”. Faithful Connection! Heres to the “Higher Power of our own understanding”.

2 thoughts on “Lean…

  1. They know what they need. They unabashedly reach for it, to the point of falling over when it’s supply is too little. Plants act out their gratitude, show us their struggle implicitly, seemingly ask for nothing … or are we just unable to hear what they say?

    I tell myself the story that right after you took that picture you turned the pot 90 degrees!

    You Be Well,



    1. Awesome Paul!

      Its that rising Sun they are reaching for and if I water them, keeping them turned to the same near precise direction, the little cilantro will grow strong. Note the black Sharpie mark on the top edge of the pot. The mark points directly east. The pots get 1/2 day of full sunshine. It’s strange, I have destroyed some of my favorite plants by not keeping the sensitive leaves pointed in the same direction they were accustomed to, turning them by mistake, for their daily sun rays. An old hippie gardener in Nashville gave me that important tip. Take good care of my dear friend Paul. He encourages me often on my journey.


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