A List…

Line after line. Anyone who’s spent any quality time in Recovery, knows a Gratitude List. It’s been about a year for this site, 25 for “one day at a time”, so in celebration of an anniversary here it goes…

Glenn Thomas Irwin, Thank you for guiding me on this project for a worthwhile college  undertaking. The 2016 year of your valuable feedback was crutial to its writing direction and production!

Fred R., Thank you my dear friend for the great tips, your website experience, creation, and I.T. guidance. I am grateful for you being available when I felt technically stuck.

Phil Leftwich, Thank you my freind for all your incredible work on the book, as well as ongoing encouragement for me to keep putting my writing out into the world, for other survivors.

Paul H., Thank you good pal for encouraging me to press on and be real. Reminding me that its ok to not be more or less than human.

Max H., Thank you for the words you wrote in the book; recovery tools and a way to journey from the real hell out to a world of serenity.

To Boh, Nolan, Kenya, David, Edward, and Jenne;  Thank you too for verbal support when I needed it big time!

And, Thanks to anyone who has taken the time to hear what my voice needed to say.

Gratefully Onward.



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  1. Hey, Vii! Very touching words from your posting this morning. I am very grateful for knowing you, and watching you live your way into a fuller, richer life. Blessings to you, my dear friend.


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