The Last Two…

Two days now before the winter solstice. Two blocks walk from my home. Moving west, noon sunlight moving behind cloudy skies, I stopped, staring at two autumn colors on one glowing tree. The darker reds faced the southern sun, its lighter hued leaves north without her warm beams. There are moments when awareness is twice the reward. Safe Holidays Everyone!

6 thoughts on “The Last Two…

  1. Hi Vii,

    Looks like your picture was taken from the South of the tree. Is that correct? Interesting to look at the sun as her. Lots of native people think of the earth as she and the sun as he.

    You Be Well, Happy Holidays,



    1. Hey Paul, Thanks for the comment! I was walking due east and facing due west, there south to my left the north to my right. Your right too that the Native Americans speak of Father Sky and Earth Mother, yet my Japanese Shinto interests have the sun as Amaterasu, the Sun Mother Goddess. The tree got a tan to one side….smiles.



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